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Aug 5

ubiquxtous said: Don't close the blog. I really enjoy it!

aw thanks ;u; but its not certain yet. i’m sorry guys. it’s just that this one person has been threatening me and stalking me on my main account, so i had to change. 

Okay. I’m probably gonna close down this blog, because this is a side blog and some things have been happening on my main account, so I had to leave. This isn’t certain yet. But I’m just letting you guys know. 

And I rarely ever have the time to update this blog. I’m sorry. :c

Jul 21

Jul 20

Jul 19

Jul 15

Anonymous said: Can you please link , the pasta of the observer , I can't seem to find it like, when i search it all I find something about 'unit 232 '

The Observer is a character from the slendervlog TribeTwelve.

I still accept submissions about those kinds of characters anyway.

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